Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the British public of being ‘dangerously out of touch’ with opinion in the left-leaning London suburb of Islington. 
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has vowed that, if he becomes Prime Minister, he will make Britain ‘feared again’. 
Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn has reportedly been asking where the Leader of the Opposition is, and why he isn’t doing more to oppose Government policy. 
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has spoken about his ‘surprise and amazement’ after a member of the public stopped him in the street, and appeared to know who he was. 
The Football Association has announced that due to Brexit the size of all football pitches in England will be reduced by 10%. 
Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told a party meeting that anyone who hasn’t died for their country is a ‘disgusting traitor’. 
The Scottish National Party has released an official statement denying that their desire for Scottish independence is motivated by ‘a hatred of the English’ explaining that ‘it’s the Welsh we can’t stand’. 
The British Government has formally offered to cancel Brexit, and keep Britain in the European Union, on the condition that the organisation renames itself as the ‘British Empire’. 
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has reportedly started to wonder what Brexit is, and whether or not it’s a good idea.  
The Labour Party has announced that it plans to formally change its name to ‘Undecided’ in an effort to increase its level of support.